Better Biking in San Carlos: Suggestions

By Sonia.

Please share:

  • ideas for improving biking in San Carlos
  • safety concerns (biking-related) in San Carlos

Let us know if we can bring up your ideas/suggestions/concerns (anonymously) at the next San Carlos Traffic & Circulation Commission meeting, which meets on the third Tuesday at 7pm at City Hall. Or join us there!

Alternatively, you can email Sonia Elkes at with your suggestions/concern/ideas or text me at 415.806.4632.

Thanks for making biking better in San Carlos!


3 thoughts on “Better Biking in San Carlos: Suggestions

  1. Suggestions:
    –More designated bike parking all along Laurel or Walnut Street
    –Consider making Laurel Street one-way between Arroyo and San Carlos Ave, to accommodate wider pedestrian walkways and designated bike lanes
    –Consider making Cedar St. and Elm St. opposite one-way streets to accommodate dedicated bike lanes and the new Peninsula Bikeway along one of them (the north-south bike thoroughfare that will eventually span the entire Peninsula)
    –Consider incorporating a ‘Traffic Garden’ in San Carlos where young riders can learn to ride on ‘streets’ in a safe environment. Consider painting the sidewalk loop that goes all the way around Burton Park as a mini two-way street that young bikers can practice on. Add mini ‘street signs’ like stop signs and left turn lanes so young bikers learn traffic rules and how to navigate safely on ‘streets’ and around pedestrians as ‘cars.’


  2. Suggestions:
    * Add a bike lane along Old County by converting diagonal parking to parallel parking or reducing parking all together
    * Alternately, add dedicated bike path along unused space next to CalTrain tracks
    * Paint bike lanes through intersections to alert cyclists and drivers to the crossing.
    * Organize Lime Bike or other bike sharing stations at key locations like Caltrain, library, City Hall, and downtown.
    * Add more bike parking down town
    * Build bike/pedestrian overpass at Holly and 101


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