Bringing Diverse Perspectives Together for Strength in Numbers

By Sonia Elkes, San Carlos Bikes founder 

The cyclists and riders of various wheels in San Carlos are a diverse bunch with different ideas, beliefs, and objectives. But one goal we ALL share is the desire to get around our town safely, efficiently and enjoyably.  Working together, compromising, and brainstorming ways to come to agreement and resolve our differences helps us improve all of our chances of achieving this goal.

Frequently, the stronger and more passionately someone wants a certain outcome, the less likely it is that they are also seeing what is in the best interest of the majority.  But, without their passion, nothing would propel society toward the changes that need to happen.  Therefore, individual passion provides the momentum for the changes our community needs, whereas group communication modifies its direction to make sure it serves the greatest possible interest.

Bike Safety

By Sonia.


1.) Working Brakes: Make sure brakes work well!

2.) HandSignaling: Use hand signals before turning

3.) Safe Passing: Let riders know you are behind them and wish to pass, call out “Passing on your left”.

4.) Ride Straight: Don’t weave in and out of parked cars, maintain as straight and predictable a line when you ride down a street as possible.

5.) Stop at Stop Signs: Stop just before the white line at every stop sign, it’s the law.

6.) Rear-view Mirrors: Use bicycle rear view mirrors, they save lives! When you are biking you should ALWAYS know who is behind you and how fast they are approaching!

7.) Riding Gloves: Encourage your children, especially those just learning to ride, to always wear padded bicycle gloves in addition to the usual (required) helmets when they are biking.  It will make the inevitable falls significantly less painful, and they will become more confident bikers and less scared of falling.  (Suggestion: strap a small kit to their handlebars to hold their gloves, some bandaids & cleansing wipes, and their phone if they have one, so these items are always with them when they ride.)

For more bicycle safety information:

Better Biking in San Carlos: Suggestions

By Sonia.

Please share:

  • ideas for improving biking in San Carlos
  • safety concerns (biking-related) in San Carlos

Let us know if we can bring up your ideas/suggestions/concerns (anonymously) at the next San Carlos Traffic & Circulation Commission meeting, which meets on the third Tuesday at 7pm at City Hall. Or join us there!

Alternatively, you can email Sonia Elkes at with your suggestions/concern/ideas or text me at 415.806.4632.

Thanks for making biking better in San Carlos!