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How can I help?     TIER 1.) PARTICIPATE

                                       TIER 2.) ADVOCATE   

                                       TIER 3.) VOLUNTEER

                                       TIER 4.) LEAD


1.) Choose to bike, roll and walk 

Every ride makes a difference–for health, air quality, and to everyone who sees us and feels that much more inspired to ride themselves. Every ride we take matters! 

2.) Stay informed about biking/riding in the area

San Carlos Bikes sends out our ‘Squeaky Wheels’ updates by email through our Google Group. To be included, go to & click Join. 


1.) Encourage, invite & help others to ride 

Invite others for a ride. When they tell you their bikes are flat, offer to air up their tires. When they tell you their chains are rusty, offer some chain lube and share your favorite tune-up place. If you got a good deal on a bike, scooter, skateboard or accessories, tell everybody you know!

3.) Share biking news with San Carlos Bikes 

ANY bike/wheels-related updates you have, please contact us or post to our Facebook page, so we can advertise and keep others in the loop.

4.) Tell others about San Carlos Bikes

The more people who sign up for our email updates, visit our website, or connect with us on Facebook/Nextdoor/Meetup, the more influence we have in City Hall and the better we can advocate for improved  infrastructure.

5.) Ride as an ambassador for the sport

How we ride conditions others. Kids watch & learn. Drivers take cues from us. Bikers/riders are vital to a community, but to be valued we have ride accordingly–visibly, legally, responsibly, and courteously, especially anytime other riders, drivers or pedestrians are within eyeshot of us.

6.) Help us change the laws that need improvement

With the rising popularity of micro-mobility devices like bikes, scooters and skateboards and their e-versions, now is the time to make policy changes. Post to social media ,email, or bring your suggestions to our meetings!

7.) Help keep streets & bike lanes safe

Report unsafe road conditions to Public Works.  Use the new “Inform SC” App or “Report a Problem” on the city website ( Pick up nails/screws you see in the street, and if you can spare the time for our oceans & waterways, pick up the plastic trash & micro trash from our gutters before they go down the drain, and deposit in the nearest garbage can. Marine life everywhere will thank you. 

8.) Help San Carlos Bikes establish community partnerships

San Carlos Bikes has partnerships with: Safe Routes to School, Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, Redwood Shoes Cycling Hometown Days Committee, Western Wheelers, American League of Bicyclists, PenVelo Cycling Club Lion’s & Rotary Clubs.  If you can connect us with community organizations or local events organizers to promote, educate or advocate for biking, please contact us! 


1.) Volunteer at our bike events like bike valet, open streets, etc. 

We need volunteers to help staff our bike/wheel valet parking, hopefully eventually at all local events, including Farmers Markets, Goblin Walk, Art & Wine Faire, Holiday Lights, and Hometown Days.

2.) Volunteer to educate about bike/wheel riding, safety & maintenance 

Education empowers riders & keeps everyone safer. Share your knowledge!  

3.) Donate money or resources to help fund San Carlos Bikes efforts

All of our events and activities require publicity, supplies and often insurance, so donations and ideas for fundraisers are greatly appreciated. 

Tier 4: LEAD

1.) Help organize San Carlos Bikes events 

We organize bike & wheel valets, open street rides, educational carnival booths, school presentations, mountain biking clubs, bike/wheel-related film screenings, bike/wheel decorating and would love your creativity & support. 

2.) Join the San Carlos Bikes leadership team

We are 5 members currently, but would love to grow. Eventually we hope to take San Carlos Bikes to non-profit 501(c)3 status, so we can apply for grant funding of our many projects and aspirations.

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